Access Original

Category: Exterior | Sub-category: Bed Covers


The ACCESS® Brand Roll-Up Covers are made to last – that’s why the ACCESS® Original is one of the highest-rated and most popular tonneau covers sold today. ACCESS® is THE ORIGINAL roll up cover, and its unique design has been emulated, but never duplicated. Since 1991, this roll-up tonneau cover has earned a reputation for being flawless in terms of ease of installation, durability, sleek looks and price. You simply can’t find a better roll-up tonneau cover!



AutoLatch II

Automatically locks both sides of the tonneau cover in one smooth motion. Most reliable latching system on the road.

Velcro Hook & Loop System

Includes a full Velcro seal running the length of the tonneau rails and is easy to use by just pulling the tonneau over the rail and seal the Velcro.

Textured Vinyl

Access tonneau covers feature a textured, double coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl. Tonneau cover remains flexible at -40, won’t shrink in heat and resist fading against a hot relentless sun.

Weather Resistant

By design, any water that comes in contact with the cover will run right off. If it doesn’t, you’re still protected. The Access Original Tonneau Cover features a weather resistant seal that covers all four sides of your truck bed.

The ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover is the most asked for tonneau cover! This roll-up tonneau cover gives you the adaptability you need and the sporty look you want. Each tonneau cover is made model specific for the tightest fit. Our truck bed covers are available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota pickup trucks. This roll up tonneau cover will be with you for the life of your pick up.

What sets the ACCESS® Roll Up Covers apart from other tonneau covers, is its quality, ease of installation and simple operation. ACCESS® Roll Up Covers can save you up to 10% in gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag. We manufacture two types of roll up tonneau covers: Our increased capacity roll up covers gives you additional protected storage, while our low profile roll up covers gives you a sleek, low profile look.