Wiring not your strong suit?

Too many electronics already hooked to the battery?

Battery drain issues from add ons?

Let us take care of it all, one product with an easy install what else could you ask for!

APOC Power Hub is a all in one answer to adding electronics to your vehicle. The Power Hub has 6 separate circuits, each with a relay and fused to protect your vehicle from serious electrical issues. Battery drain will no longer be an issue, the Power Hub constantly monitors battery levels to insure your Jeep will always start for you, no need to worry about turning your electronics off the Power Hub has you covered. The Power Hub comes pre wired with a main inline fuse that can be reset to protect the Power Hub itself from having to much current going through its power distribution center, all wire is protected by nylon braided sheath to prevent abrasion on wires. The Power Hub is installed without any drilling or holes for switches which makes it easy to remove and use on your next Jeep Wrangler.

  • Battery detection module
  • Easy no drill install
  • Pre wired just connect the connectors
  • 6 relays and fused circuits.
  • Great for use with LED lights, CB radios, Electric coolers, compressors and many other items.
  • No rats nest of wiring under hood to short out and cause damage or fire.

A must have Accessory for Jeep off road enthusiast.