ARIES all-new ActionTrac™ powered running boards offer an innovative Step-within-a-Step™ design. They’re actually two steps in one, providing the easiest possible access, especially on larger, lifted trucks and Jeeps.

ActionTrac™ running boards also feature smart sensors for automated operation, powder-coated aluminum construction for maximum corrosion resistance and an easy, no-drill installation.

The step-within-a-step™ design of ActionTrac™ powered running boards makes them the perfect lifted truck steps. There is one non-skid step on top of the main housing and one that deploys automatically as needed.

When the door opens, the smart sensors deploy the electric step 8″ below the top step and up to 15″ below the inside of the doorsill, depending on the model. This provides safe, convenient access to the vehicle, especially on larger trucks, Jeeps and SUVs that are built for off-roading.

When the door is closed again, these lifted truck steps retract, providing plenty of ground clearance for the off-road trail.

With ActionTrac™ running boards’ innovative step-within-a-step™ design, they offer a uniquely contoured look against the vehicle. This contoured design also offers extra protection for the side rocker panels. The powder-coated aluminum housing helps block small stone and other debris from scratching and marring the vehicle’s finish.

Each set of ActionTrac™ powered running boards is equipped with smart sensors for safe entry and exit no matter who you’re bringing along for the ride.

During operation, the smart sensors detect any obstructions in the path of the power step. This immediately pauses operation, eliminating the risk of pinch hazards and avoiding damage to the steps from rocks, trees and other obstacles on the trail.

For additional safety, the main housing has built-in LED lights that illuminate the power step upon deployment, providing convenient visibility in dark conditions.