For more than two decades, LINE-X has never stopped improving its coatings and most recently, the very laboratory that has produced some of the strongest and most durable protective coatings on the planet is now part of an exclusive group of laboratories that have received the coveted International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification.

LINE-X’s lab was recently accredited with the globally recognized ISO 17025:2005 certification – general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This was achieved after a lengthy evaluation process conducted by A2LA, the world-class accreditation body well-known in the OEM automotive- and manufacturing-industries for evaluating and accrediting testing laboratories.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Congrats LINE-X! But why should I care that your lab got ISO 17025:2005 certified?” Well, please allow us to explain.

Better Products Through Calibrated Testing

ISO accreditation not only looks great on your company’s resume, it means better products for LINE-X customers. There are a lot of companies that make protective coatings but how good are they? Anyone can claim anything, but if you can’t back it up with ISO 17025:2005 certified testing, you don’t know what you’re getting. LINE-X is now one of the few automotive aftermarket companies with a premier ISO 17025:2005 certified laboratory. The reason this is significant is because ISO certification adds credibility to the testing procedures conducted on its protective coatings. Simply put, this means LINE-X has successfully demonstrated technical proficiency to conduct precise, accurate test- and calibration-data in accordance with the accreditation.

How does this translate to the real-world production of LINE-X products? One example is that LINE-X exercises stringent quality control standards during the production of all protective coatings and proprietary primers. For more than 26 years, LINE-X has provided its customers with high-performance protective coatings with an emphasis on solving complex problems through chemical solutions. From industrial coatings to bedliner applications and everything in between, LINE-X ensures every coating manufactured in its Huntsville laboratory and elsewhere meets a list of rigorous standards before it reaches the end user. This accreditation affirms that LINE-X is a technically competent lab thanks to a solidified quality system in place at its laboratory. For consumers, this means they can expect the best in consistency from coating to coating.

With this new certification, the lab is testing more than just coatings. Since LINE-X continues to expand its offerings to consumers, like specialty coatings engineered with physical properties for very specific applications, it is also granted a plethora of tests to perform at its now-certified ISO lab.

For example, LINE-X is certified in the testing of a liquid coatings’ density, chemical resistance for immersion fluids method, the effect of household chemicals on coatings and even rating adhesion by tape test. These are just a few of several different tests conducted and behind the scenes, LINE-X is performing even higher-level tests to ensure its coatings continue to protect what matters most to you.

In addition to testing actual protective coatings, LINE-X has also developed new prep and application procedures in its laboratory. LINE-X applicators receive comprehensive product training which includes procedures to conduct thorough surface prep and multi-point inspection for quality control.

Whether you’re an tradesman in need of a protective coating that’s nearly indestructible or a manufacturer looking to integrate a polyurea coating into your product line, LINE-X gives you added confidence thanks to its ISO 17025:2005 certified practices.

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